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Membership Pricing
Casual Gym Pass$20.00
10 Session Pass:$175.00
20 Session Pass$295.00
Gym Only Membership (Access to all gym facilities, classes excluded)
DIrect Debit (no minimum contract)$55 p/m ($12.69 p/w)
Up Front Payment$70 p/m ($16.15 p/w)
Full Gym Membership (Access to all gym facilities, classes included)
Direct Debit (no minimum contract)$75 p/m ($17.30 p/w)
Up Front Payment$90 p/m ($20.76 p/w)
Personal Training (1-2 people)30 mins60 mins
Single Session$50$80
10 x Sessions$450$750
20 x Sessions$800$1400
Group Training (3 or more people)30 mins60 mins
Single Session$20$30
10 x Sessions$180$280
20 x Sessions$320$520
*Group training prices are per head

*Credit Cards will incur a charge of 1.8%