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About Aspire Fitness

About Aspire Fitness

Aspire has been in business since 1990 and specialises in providing facilities and consultation in the arenas of health and fitness, exercise rehabilitation, physiotherapy, personal training, and group exercise.

We cater to all age groups and our highly qualified staff are devoted to bringing people from all walks of life to a point where they can enjoy all the benefits of a highly functioning, healthy mind and body.

Based at the Claremont golf course, Aspire members enjoy a unique combination of facilities both indoor and outdoor. Lush reserve surrounds the gym, as well as a 2.5km trail around picturesque Lake Claremont which can be incorporated into a holistic fitness routine.

Whether you are a super model, an ageing rocker, secretary, or loving mum. A footy playing Aussie, rugby obsessed Kiwi, or cricket loving Pom. Smooth and sinewy, a patron of the arts, male or female. At Aspire it can be any Paul, Ray, or Pam. Get your gear off and your training kit on. No cliques, pressure or hassles. If you want the drink, the bikini, a six pack, relief from your partner, kids or boss. For the mirror, for a laugh, results or happy hormones. For a cream cake, boardies to fit, a bit of this or some of that. Push ups, sit ups, squats, weights, the treadmill, cycling, physio, massage, or the best boxing classes in town. ASPIRE - it’s all yours

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Ash Saligari

Ash is one of our senior personal trainers here at Aspire Fitness. His exercise philosophy revolves around looking good, feeling good, and having fun. “I believe in keeping your training simple; don’t overcomplicate and underachieve.” Ash is an experienced runner having completed multiple marathons and an iron man, and compliments his running with a consistent resistant training program.


Josh Thomas

With a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science, and six years industry experience, Josh is one of Aspire’s senior personal trainers and group fitness instructors. As a senior trainer Josh has worked with a wide range of clients. From young children who are learning new motor and cognitive skills, to an older population looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and everyone in between. He has experience adapting and implementing programs for those with disability, injury and medical conditions.


Christine Goonewardene

Christine is the Director of Aspire Physiotherapy Claremont, and is both a qualified Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist. Chris has a strong interest in helping people eliminate their pain and improve the way they function. Chris completed all her studies at the University Of Notre Dame, Fremantle completing her Bachelor degree in exercise sports science and Graduate Diploma of exercise science. Chris’ keen interest for exercise rehabilitation and musculoskeletal injuries led her to purse Physiotherapy.

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